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Twirly Fries

We took a trip out to Waikele to check out Twirly Fries. Still a relatively new vendor, serving their twisty creations out of a kiosk in the upper side of the Waikele Premium Outlets.

Not a food truck, but their kiosk style food stand definitely fits into our street food style. Not to mention ive been meaning to check them out for a while now.
Such a great concept. Not a potato chip, Not a french Fry… but a Twirly Fry. So simple, yet so awesome.

Basically, they put a potato on a skewer, and put it into a spiral cutter and spread it out along the skewer.

Then they drop it into the fryer and get it nice and crispy. Followed by a dusting of your choice of flavors. While there aren’t a lot of flavor options, they do the basics well. ketchup, salt and pepper, parmesan and garlic, and their “Twirly Hapa Blend”,  a mayo and furikake seasoned fry. They also just added cheddar cheese and ranch options.
I went with the classic parmesan and garlic, and got to try the twirly hapa blend.

It was definitely an experience. I think with a little tightening up of the execution, this could be an awesome addition to our vendor line up. Glad we finally made the trip out to waikele for our twirly fries. You should go check it out too. Its definitely something to try at least once. And if you get there before 1pm they have a special. 2 for $6 (rather than the regular $4/ea)

We will definitely stop by  the next time we’re in waikele. Hope to see even more new flavors in the future.

until next time Twirly Fries

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