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Papa was a Rollin’ Stone

November 9, 2012  //Food Truck List//No comments

In the last 3 weeks, another new truck has hit the street in Honolulu, and today we caught up with The Rollin’ Stone.

You can find them Mon/Wed/Fri between Mililani St and Punchbowl (depending on where parking is available)

While it looks like your pretty standard lunchwagon, but there are a couple of interesting differences. The menu  consists of a few of the lunchwagon classics. Hamburger Steak, Pork Adobo and Pork Cutlet.

However, uncommon to the standard lunchwagon, they also carry a Cottage Pie (aka Shepards Pie). A pretty nice comfort food you don’t see too often on a food truck these days.
Also, their  Braised Boneless ShortRibs are made with a special, locally crafted Molokai Rub that gives it a slightly different flavor than you’re used to, it was really tender and flavorful.

Heres a little sample plate with some of everything.

Here we see the Shortribs and Pork Cutlet on the bottom, and the Cottage Pie on the top left. Also pictured are all the sides. From the pasta salad up top, to the white/brown rice and the garlic noodles on the bottom.
The garlic noodles and the shortribs were excellent together.

Follow them on twitter at @da_rollin_stone for menu and location.

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