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Food Events

Street Grindz is the premier resource for the mobile food community in Hawaii. With events such as Eat The Street and Honolulu Night Market we help thousands of eaters find the best mobile food on Oahu every month. Our family friendly events celebrate art, music and of course FOOD! If your hungry for the best street food in Hawaii come to Eat The Street, Honolulu Night Market or our food venue Taste Table to fill up. And if your a mobile food vendor looking to share your food with the Street Grindz community sign up below and get plugged in.

Catering Support

Are you looking for an affordable full service catering for private events such as 1st birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, corporate events and other gatherings. If so, let Street Grindz Catering bring the popularity of Eat The Street to your event without breaking your bank. To contact one of our event planners and get access to the top mobile food vendors send your info to [email protected]

Vendor Consultant

Are you thinking of starting a mobile food business or do you have one now and would like some support? Street Grindz can help with all aspects of your business from concept to cooking. Marketing, menus, technology, financing and when you are ready we will plug you into Hawai'i's thriving mobile food community.

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About us

Street Grindz is a resource to Hawaii’s residents and guests who are looking for an eclectic alternative to the island food scene. We host both large and small food truck events including our monthly Eat the Street, where crowds of thousands come to sample food from over 40 of Hawaii’s best mobile food vendors. We also assist corporations, small businesses and schools in booking events and catering needs.

Our mission

At Street Grindz, we believe that Hawaii’s mobile food industry is an untapped dining experience that many can enjoy. We want to be at the forefront of sharing it with our community, while improving and creating successful business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

We believe that passionate, local entrepreneurs are the key to creating a sustainable future and we will do everything in out power to help them build a better world.

Our experience

In 2010, Street Grindz began as a small, humble event planning service, which gave birth to Hawaii’s first large-scale, organized mobile food truck event. Street Grindz sparked the growth of local food truck popularity, which continues to this day. Since then, Street Grindz has now become the state’s largest recurring events management company, now responsible for three of the most popular recurring events on Oahu - Eat the Street, Honolulu Night Market & Art After Dark.

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Street Grindz Kewalo

A new flea & food market by Street Grindz

Collectibles. Vintage Wares. Cool Stuff Street Grindz, the creators of Eat The Street and Honolulu Night Market are excited to bring a weekly flea market to Honolulu. The Pineapple Flea & Food Market will take place every Saturday morning at Makers & Tasters located next to the legendary Kewalo Harbor waterfront. For Pineapple Flea & Food Market we will be featuring a wide variety of retail and food vendors. For retail vendors we are accepting applications from the following vendor types: upcycled furniture, second-hand clothing, antiques, crafts and local retailers. For food vendors we are accepting applications from the following vendor types: fresh produce, seafood and meat vendors, locally made packaged food makers, value add vendors and as always will be booking our fabulous food vendors. We are currently in the stages of securing vendors and hosting an open call for applicants interested in participating in our Summer 2016 launch. If what your selling fits into the “flea market” category, we urge you to apply online.

We’ll carefully review each applicant and select a mix of ‘vendors’ to kick-start our new market! To apply for Pineapple Flea & Food Market, click here.

What kind of vendors are we looking for? Local handmade food products (i.e. pre-packaged foods) Vintage clothing or accessories and various collectibles Jewelry, art and craft vendors Upclycled clothing designers or furniture Vendors from ALL islands are welcome.

Tips when applying: Tell us about what you intend to sell (be specific). Include photos or links to your Facebook, Instagram and/or website. If accepted, you’ll need all appropriate paperwork and licenses for your type of business. Including but not limited to: GET license, Commercial Kitchen License, Liability Insurance, etc. APPLY HERE NOW!


Eat the Street Food Truck Rally

Eat The Street food truck rally happens on the last Friday of each month and is located at 555 South St. in Kaka'ako an up and coming part of Honolulu. Each month this event regularly attracts more than 7,000 people eager to sample the best street food Hawai'i has to offer.

Honolulu Night Market

The 3rd Saturday of every month the streets of Kaka'ako come alive. Many activities can be found at this free night time open market, such as a monthly fashion show featuring some of Hawai'i's hottest designers and popular stylists. A 5,000 sq ft warehouse shopping experience, skate ramp, live music, 2 bars, art, kids zone and of course plenty of street food vendors.

Street Grindz Institute

The purpose of the Street Grindz Institute is to help those interested in starting a mobile food business navigate local regulations and learn the best practices of the industry. After completing our program new and existing vendors can plug in to a network of events and catering opportunities.

Coming Soon

Street Grindz is working with the Honolulu Museum of Art to provide food and beverage opportunites to our network of vendors at their monthly event ARTafterDARK.  Each month the attendees of this event will have the delight of sampling some of Honolulu's top mobile food vendors and chefs that are apart of the Street Grindz network.

Honolulu Night Market Xtreme! Featuring Red Bull X-Fighters Jams, Xtreme Fashion and Food!

Honolulu Night Market Goes Xtreme!

The title says it all, crowds were amazed as the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams athletes Keith Sayers, Wes Agee, and 3-time X-Games Gold Medalist Ronnie Renner took the streets of Kaka'ako to preform FMX gravity-defying jumps and stunts. Along with xtreme sports the night market was full of xtreme food, fashion, music and art.

The Honolulu Night Market is free open market that happens on the 3rd Saturday of every month in the streets of Kaka'ako, an up and coming urban district of Honolulu. Each month you will find Fashion, Shopping, Food, Music, Art, Kids zone and more from 6pm to 11pm. For upcoming themes and vendors or to see what happened last month visit the Honolulu Night Market site.

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