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Eat The Street: Bacon

Do you love bacon? We thought you might. Well, youre going to love our next Eat The Street theme…

 Thats right folks. More bacon than you can shake a strip at.

This month all our vendors are encouraged to incorporate BACON into at least one dish in a creative way.
BACON wrapped, BACON bits, Bacon stuffed… who knows. the options are endless.

Roses are red
Bacon is pink
We know you love bacon, Lets hear what YOU think

How do we love bacon? let us out the ways…
or better yet, we will let you do that.
Show your BACON love by submitting an entry to our Bacon Poetry Contest.
You can submit multiple poems, but keep it clean, and submit a new form for each poem. You will be contacted if you are chosen as a finalist.
Enter to win a lifetime supply of bacon!
…ok, not really. But there will be a prize for the winner of the bacon poetry contest, so start submitting today.

We cant wait to see you all at BACONFEST.

Want to know who’s joining us for the event? Here the list:

Baja Style Mexican Food
Beyond Burgers
Braddahs Wagon
Cheeseburger In Paradise
Chicago Eatz
Cooking Fresh For You
Elena’s Filipino
Fairy Cakes
Five-O Ribs
Guava Smoked
Hawaii’s Fried Musubi
Hawaiian Waffle Dog
Hula Shrimp
India Cafe
Island Sandwich Creations
Isle Creations
Kettle Corn Hawaii
Koi Catering
Kona Ice
Korean Fresh Grill
Leonards Malasadas
Lickety Split
Liquid Pleasure
Local Stop
Marks Specialties
Ono Pops
Pauls Poppers
Pomai Kulolo
Pt. Suisse Crepes
Shogunai Tacos
Simply Ono
Soul Patrol
Street Frites
The Curb
Whyz Wagon
Xtreme Tacos

April 27th
555 South St, in Kakaako


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  1. Sunny says:

    Can we park in that lot where it is held?

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