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Da Puerto Rican Food Truck (Maui)

September 14, 2012  //Food Truck List, food trucks, Maui//No comments

Another installment from our recent trip to Maui.
This time taking us Upcountry to meet up with one of the trucks i was most looking forward to  catching up with.
Growing up on Puerto Rican and Mexican food, I was so happy to see that Maui had their own rolling Puerto Rican cuisine. Not something i was expecting when researching Maui Food Trucks, but it was a pleasant surprise.

After a nice afternoon drive to Longs Upcountry, it was finally time to get my fix from Da Puerto Rican Food Truck.

The drive seemed pretty long and way out into the country. It seemed to me to be far out of the way to go to a food truck.
Boy was i wrong!

Jose already had a line of people waiting for his delicious food.

Jose was such a great guy to meet, it was no wonder he has a following of people who love his food and will gladly travel to wherever he is parked. And the food was awesome! If it wasnt our last day on Maui, i would have definitely made another trip to Da Puerto Rican Food Truck. Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, served up by the chef himself. And if you dont know much about Puerto Rican food, Jose will gladly explain to you what each dish is. Even I learned quite a bit about the food i already thought i knew pretty well.

 I went originally looking for the standard Pastel and Arroz Con Gandules, but found so much more than i bargained for. He had a comprehensive Puerto Rican menu spanning much further than the Pastele most people associate with Puerto Rican Food.

So many options, how does one chose?
Well, first, you go with the classic. Plata de Pastel.
A moist, traditional Pastele (or Pastel as its properly known), Arroz con Gandules and salad.  This is what most people picture when you mention Puerto Rican food. (usually with Bacalao salad)

While this staple certainly opens its own, there was something else on the menu to really spark my interest. Something I haven’t had in far too long.

A traditional Puerto Rican dish consisting of mashed fried plantains with garlic. Da Puerto Rican Food Truck  stuffs their mofongo with their Boricua Pork.  In addition to this amazing dish ive been missing for too long, Jose hooked us up with a few of his other great dishes. A side of his stuffed  tostones rellenos, as well as a couple of tasty sorullitos.

Whether youre a lover of Puerto Rican food, or just looking to try something apart from your traditional food truck fare, Da Puerto Rican Food Truck has something for you.
I would highly suggest the Mafonogo. Its something everyone needs to try. Or maybe his Cuban Sandwich. In the short time i was there, he sold out all of his Cubanos. I would have gotten one myself if he still had them. Please try one for me and tell me what you think.

Check out Jose on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter at @DaPRFT

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