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All Kine Grindz

September 26, 2012  //Food Truck List, food trucks, honolulu//1 comment

Today for lunch we took a little stroll down to the confusingly named Mililani St, which of course is in downtown honolulu, not in Mililani like you might think. Confusing name aside, this location is a lunchtime haven for food trucks and street vendors. On any given day you can find between 1 and 3 different food trucks, along side the local hot dog cart, and of course our good friend Aloha Pops just steps away in front of the statue.

Today though, we decided to check out one of the new kids on the block. Less than 3 months ago All Kine Grindz opened their food truck and started roaming the streets selling exactly that, all kinds of grindz. With a menu that varies between 15 and 25 different items, they really do have quite a selection.

All of your local favorites, and some a little less common for a food truck. Like todays lunch, the “Surf & Turf” special.

All Kine Grindz offers a Surf & Turf plate featuring a piece of Filet Mignon (cooked to the temperature of your choice) with your choice of fish (today’s options were Ahi or Ono), garlic shrimp, or crab cakes. And as with most local plates, it comes with 2 scoops rice, and your choice of mac or tossed salad.  Now, i don’t even remember the last time i had crab cakes. And i’m certain I’ve never gotten crab cakes from a food truck before.  Seemed like an easy choice.  And it was a good one.

Nice juicy cut of steak, cooked mid-rare (because, come on, if youre gonna have steak, you gotta have it mid-rare), and the crab cakes were delicious. Maybe im biased because i havent had them in a while, but these crab cakes really hit the spot. In fact, next time i go back, im going to ask if i can get a plate of just crab cakes. lol.
Another thing i really enjoyed, although its a really tiny thing, is that rolled in with your utensils, they give you one of those little packets of aloha shoyu.  As i unrolled my napkin to get to my fork, the little shoyu pack fell out, and i was way more excited than i rightfully should have been. I know, I know, its just shoyu, but sometimes its the little things that get you.

Next time youre downtown, keep an eye out for All Kine Grindz.

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  1. jeff says:

    I love their crab cakes too! The prices are reasonable too! I like that they cook the food right on the spot. Its not been sitting around all day in the hot sun! Everything I have ordered from them seems to be fresh and tasty! Can’t wait to try that new burger they will be serving at Eat the Street!

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